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Candles are a true symbol of light, love, passion, and humility for many of us. In the past, for the ancestors, it was only a decoration used at home or for events. You can’t expect a birthday party, baby shower or new year’s eve party to be held without the placement of colourful and stunning candles. The flickering flame moves away from the mind and has a calming effect. We all know that wax is a delicate object and requires proper handling and storage for transportation. Choosing the perfect custom candle boxes should be your top priority if you want your candles to reach your customers in good condition and with proper structure.

Different materials are used to make custom printed candle packaging boxes. And the way you use each ingredient has a massive impact on the smoothness of the final box. Here is a list of essential materials you can choose from to make a custom packaging box:

Cardboard Packaging Boxes

At the top of the list, we have fantastic cardboard options for your candle packaging box. You are bound to be trapped by so many products packed in boxes in your daily life. It is one of the preferred packaging materials by manufacturing companies because it is environmentally friendly. They are inherently durable, which can protect items from damage during shipping.

In addition, the flexibility in design also makes it ideal for packaging candles. Whether tower candles, cylinder candles or candle holders, these boxes are ideal for all products and safe for you. You will also find that they are easy to customize. They are easy to customize in different shapes, colours, and themes. It gives you the freedom to efficiently pack a single candle or a pack of candles for decoration.

Square Window Boxes

If you want to present your candles elegantly, you should immediately choose a square box for the window. These boxes are usually equipped with a single-window in the front or side view of the top load. Some are also available with windows on all four sides, which gives an exciting effect to the whole box. They protect the product from friction and protect it from damage. However, it is striking that individual packaging is the only way to better market wax products to the end consumer. Some boxes are also secured with ribbon handles to add a more exciting feel. It will increase the overall appeal of the box while increasing the sales of your brand.

Hut Shape Packaging Box

When there are so many brands of candles on the market, the competition to be at the top of the buyer’s list usually increases. You will see various innovations coming to custom presentation boxes designs. You’ll also catch some unique shapes in which box-shaped squares are trendy. All of them are constructed in a conical shape designed with cardboard material on a square base. Hence, it will surely fascinate buyers to buy it where they can use it as a decorative item.

Tray Packaging Boxes for Packing Candles

Tray boxes are another great type of box for storing custom candle boxes. This box is an excellent choice if you want to pack all your floating candles or candles that soar horizontally. A bulkhead is also included in the dashboard box to maintain overall integrity while protecting the spark plugs from scratches. They keep the candles organized and safe during shipping. Another reason tray boxes are so popular is that they also serve as the perfect presentation box. Shoppers can select the entire box or select candles from the packaging directly from the display case in the store. Candle gift boxes are also available. They are completely covered with colourful wraps and tied with decorative ribbons. It is an inspiring way to attract more customers to your brand.

Corrugated Packaging Boxes

Then we have corrugated boxes, which are the safest and fastest choice for bulk shipping your products. Regarding domestic and international shipping, choosing corrugated boxes is the best choice for them. The corrugated cardboard candle packaging box is its economy and high tear resistance, which can withstand all kinds of loads. If you want to protect your goods from breaking or being damaged during shipping, we recommend choosing corrugated boxes.

Wrapping Up

Many wax packaging materials are available in the market to quickly protect delicate items. They protect the product from friction and protect it from damage. You need to pay close attention when choosing materials because the sale of your brand ultimately depends entirely on the quality of the ingredients. Try checking out what your competitors’ brands offer and what materials they use to make custom printed candle boxes. Don’t copy everything, but see what’s following the latest trends in a cardboard packaging for your candles.

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