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If you want to know the latest news and information about national sports in Thailand, you need to know where to look. You can find a variety of sports news sites on the Internet. These websites include Fun888TV, Siam Sport, 8Xbet, and SMM Sport. These sites have up-to-date information, live links to ongoing matches, and videos of player interviews. They also have a team of experts that analyze matches and make predictions for fans. You can also check Fun888 TV on a daily basis for hourly updates on sports news.


Fun888TV is an online platform that covers the latest national and international sports news in Thailand. With its simple and user-friendly interface, it appeals to a wide range of viewers. It also offers video links to current matches and interviews with players. Moreover, its team of sports experts analyzes and provides predictions on upcoming games. The website is available for all computers and devices, and there is also a mobile app for Android users.

Fun888 TV is free to use, but you will have to register in order to watch the latest news and games. To register, visit the Fun888 website and complete the registration form. You will need to enter your full name, email address, and phone number. Once you have submitted this form, you’ll have access to the Fun888 website and can watch your favorite sports events.

Siam Sport

Siam Sport Syndicate PCL is a Thai company that produces, publishes, and sells a range of sports magazines, including a daily sports newspaper. The company also produces TV and radio programs and operates sports souvenir outlet stores. The company’s main aim is to provide a range of information on sports, including the latest news about Thailand’s teams and athletes.

Siam Sport, the national sports news in Thailand, also covers a wide range of international sports. The country has an annual tennis tournament called the Thailand Open, and the current singles men’s champion is Danish player Viktor Axelsen. Another sport popular in Thailand is sepak takraw, which is played on a badminton court. Players use their feet to hit the ball instead of their hands, and they usually jump high to score points.


8Xbet is a new online sports betting site licensed by the Government of Curacao. The site features international and domestic football news, along with videos, pictures, and expert analysis. The sports news is updated hourly and is easy to navigate. The web interface features an expert team with years of experience.

It is free to use 8Xbet. All you need to do to get started is register and input your phone number and OTP. You can then play free games and win cash prizes. All of this is simple and safe.

SMM Sport

SMM Sport is a Thai language television channel in Bangkok that broadcasts national and international sports news. The channel offers live streams of national and international sports events and a video archive for subscribers. It also offers mobile sites and apps. The channel has a dedicated website in Thai and English.

Its website features news about national and international sports events. Its articles also feature Thai athletes. There are several sports teams in Thailand. The national volleyball team plays in the Volleyball Nations League. Its squad is depleted after eight players tested positive for COVID-19. Five replacement players flew to the Philippines to support the national squad. But it’s not known if they will play in Thursday’s game against Poland.

Muay thai

Muay Thai is an athletic combat sport with a strong emphasis on striking. The technique was originally developed for military use as a form of hand-to-hand combat. Its main goal was to inflict pain on the opponent while protecting the practitioner. It uses several weapons to achieve this goal. For example, elbow strikes, knee strikes, and push kicks are all powerful and effective means of disarming an attacker. This makes Muay Thai a perfect self-defense sport.

Muay Thai is a popular sport throughout Thailand. The sport was originally practiced in the sixteenth century during the conflict between the Kingdom of Siam and the Konbaung dynasty of Burma. During this period, a legendary warrior, Nai Khanomtom, was captured by the Burmese and fought for his freedom through hand-to-hand combat. Nai Khanomtom won the fight and returned to Siam, where he helped make Muay Thai a national sport.


Football is one of the most popular sports in Thailand. The country has a professional league, the Thai League 1, and three lower leagues. There is also a semi-professional league and an amateur league. The Thai League 1 is sponsored by Toyota, and the winner of each season receives the Hilux Revo League Cup. The Thai Football Association also organizes international competitions, including the King’s Cup, in which the national team competes against invited international teams.

In the early twentieth century, Siam joined FIFA, and the Football Association of Siam was established. The association was initially under the Royal Patronage of the King, and Phraya Prasit Supakarn was the first president. The Thai FA later added two annual competitions, the “Big Cup” held in grounds around Bangkok and the “Small Cup” held at the Wild Tiger Stadium. In the latter, the Department of Theatre won the competition.


Thailand has become one of the top eSports destinations in the world, and the government is doing its part to promote the industry. In a recent Royal Gazette, the Thai government announced its approval for the Thai E-Sports Federation to receive funding and support from the Professional Sports Promotion Fund. This funding will go towards developing the country’s esports talent and promoting them in Thailand and abroad. E-Sports teams will also be able to participate in professional sporting events.

The growth of eSports in Thailand is projected to reach US$450 million by 2021. As a consumer-friendly industry, eSports has huge potential to grow in Thailand. With the emergence of new technologies, it is likely to gain a new audience and boost existing ones. Moreover, the industry is still young, but it has a strong potential to expand throughout Southeast Asia. The development of eSports in Thailand may also serve as a launching pad for other countries in the region.

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