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Marketing is the channel that enables a brand to connect with its customers and have an impact on them. An accurate mode of marketing helps in promoting the product or service to the target audience and increases the chances of client conversion. 

Traditionally outdoor marketing, PR, mass-media and print media advertising were the few options that were available to the companies for promotion, but with digitalisation, the scenario has completely changed for the businesses to operate and that gave way to the marketing tools of the new era and one of them is User Generated Content

What is User Generated Content?

User Generated Content or commonly referred to as UGC is a form of digital promotion technique used by a number of brands to increase their visibility, engagement and organic customer base through social media platforms. This form of marketing consists of content revolving around a particular brand that is created by a consumer, it may include videos, blogs, photographs or even a post. It is highly common to find Instagram reels or YouTube videos about product reviews, shopping hauls or product unboxing; they all fall in the category of UGC marketing; these posts are voluntary and unsponsored on the different social media platforms. 

This cost-effective form of marketing is highly result-driven and amazingly benefits the brands, compared to the other traditional form of marketing this mode of promotion has a higher edge as the consumer engagement and organic reach of the brand is incomparable. In marketing, it is considered that the strongest form of promotion that a brand can opt for is ‘mouth publicity. It is very logical because a consumer will prefer to trust fellow consumers in the market and their experiences over the paid promotions done by the brand. A genuine experience and authentic publicity cannot be bought as it is invaluable and transparent, UGC holds the same power in terms of promotions for a brand, it not only increases the brand visibility by introducing new and raw clients to the brand through the content but also helps in gaining the trust of the consumer through their candid content. 

User Generated Content is highly essential and relevant in the current positioning of a brand in the market, this form of communication is altering the way we consume information regarding a brand. When a customer emotionally connects with a brand it no longer purchases the product, it purchases the experience associated with it , when unique and strategically drawn content is created by the creators and delivered to their community it connects them with the brand at a different level. Behind the production stories when shared with the consumer which will let them know the efforts and genuineness a team puts in creating every single product for them, similarly testimonials from the ones who are loyal to the brand due to its quality increases faith.

UGC stands as one of the most unique opportunities in the 21st century for established as well as upcoming brands, it is highly relevant as it is contemporary and compatible with the current lifestyle of the people. Firstly the content is consumed on platforms which are most commonly used by people that is social media, secondly it is highly time saving because the compact content is more sought after by the consumer than a monotonous and lengthy advertisement. This form is more well researched, customized and tailored according to the new age client; a relevant promotion technique is highly essential for a brand to connect with the customer in this highly competitive market. 

A brand should ideally promote and encourage the consumers to share their experience with the audience in any form, a social media post, a blog, a review or a testimonial, a Q&A feedback form or even in a video format, a brand should focus on building a social media community of its users where they share their feedbacks and experiences of that particular brand. It should acknowledge the content by the consumer or can even use a reward system to increase more consumer-driven content. Brand should know its client base and accordingly move with the social media network for interaction, the most famous network among the clients will provide the maximum result to the campaign. 

One can conclude by stating that, UGC can be the biggest asset for a company if used properly, this should be used and promoted in the correct spirit by keeping it transparent and authentic, influencers, consumers, writers and critics should be encouraged to give their honest feedback about their journey with the brand and it will definitely improve the brand as well as its trustworthiness among the potential clients.

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