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Smart students in the best school in Noida extension with the CBSE school fees practise specific behaviours that ordinary students either ignore or avoid because they believe in doing smart work.


  1. They set priorities as necessary and don’t squander additional time

More assignments, projects, and homework are required at higher secondary schools, although they only account for 20% to 50% of your final score. Try to give them only the necessary amount of priority because they might be the biggest time-eaters for most people. Work smartly rather than laboriously to free up time for other activities.

  1. They employ various learning and study methods, including

The least efficient form of learning is generally how students learn through books and textbooks. Top CBSE School students use examples, practise problems, research to find the specifics, use notes, and consult previous test papers as study resources. Additionally, they employ various learning strategies to finish their coursework.

  1. They do not limit themselves to lectures in the classroom

The finest students in higher secondary schools take what they learn in class and make sure to further their understanding of the ideas through research. They do not confine their knowledge to notes and lectures from professors. To expand their knowledge and viewpoint, they use Google to find new information.

  1. They regularly assess themselves

The top student adheres to the idea of testing regularly, which entails learning new ideas and attempting to test them at different times and locations by asking themselves certain questions. They can remember knowledge for a long time in this way. You can instantly tell if you know anything by periodically testing your memory.

  1. They study for a little period and then take breaks

According to the school, taking pauses while preparing for the CBSE exam helps kids focus better. Long study sessions are thought to be ineffective.

  1. They employ the reverse engineering method to address issues

The steps to solving a calculus problem are memorised and followed by typical pupils. Students acquire superficial information in this method and don’t get the ideas behind the formulas and steps. Top CBSE students from the best school in Noida extension with the CBSE school fees tackle problems that have been solved and proceed backwards, asking questions about how and why they arrived at this figure. And what kind of derivative rule is it exactly? They learn how the notion is connected to apply it to a problem during this process. To score well on tests, especially for issues that you haven’t encountered or solved before, you need to have a “working understanding” of the idea.

  1. Top Scholars Draw attention to the key points

Top students engage in learning, which is an excellent strategy to acquire and remember information. They don’t just underline essential passages and read; instead, they highlight pertinent passages and write notes in their own words.

  1. Prominent students posit queries

Top students in higher secondary schools frequently ask questions while learning new ideas on any topic, but regular students tend to merely listen and try to remember them for later. Asking who, why, how, when, and what activates your brain to look for further details. You will learn the concepts thoroughly through this procedure, which will make it easier for you to retain them long after the fact.

  1. They apply the lessons they learned in class

Most of the time, either the lecturer speaks too quickly, missing all the vital information, or they speak too slowly, making the classes uninteresting. Top pupils at higher secondary schools, therefore, prepare for each lecture in advance. They skim chapters or read out outlines to get a sense of the topics the professors will discuss, so they always participate in class and don’t miss any lectures. In addition, students make notes, ask questions, and do other things that help them learn quickly.

  1. Top students make an effort to correct their error

Top students put a lot of effort into bettering themselves; if they make mistakes and receive poor grades, they determine the real cause and work to correct it rather than dwelling on it. CBSE students utilize their errors as a gauge for where they need to develop.

  1. The best students do not indulge in multitasking but instead participate in activities besides studying

Top students don’t only study; they also participate in a variety of extracurricular activities that sharpen their concentration and increase their level of activity. We’re not talking about multitasking, which is prohibited while studying; rather, we’re referring to the fact that students must both study and participate in extracurricular activities since doing so prevents them from procrastinating and forces them to maximize their study time.

  1. They ensure that they do their assignment each day

While motivation fluctuates, patience and consistency are essential for academic success. In a similar vein to how Olympic athletes train even on their worst days, even when they do not want to do their daily assignments, CBSE pupils find a way to do it.

  1. The 80/20 rule is used by the best students

Yes, reading and studying everything has no purpose. Students in higher secondary schools determine the 20% of topics that they must thoroughly understand to receive an 80% grade. This method is excellent for making the most of your time and acquiring crucial information.

  1. They are uncomplaining

Top students hold the opinion that if something isn’t excellent or doesn’t go as planned, they should try to fix it, ignore it, come up with solutions, or avoid wasting their time and effort on it altogether. If you want to be like the smart students at Higher Secondary School, follow these tips and work to make them habits by consistently carrying out the things that are mentioned.


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