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For a business to succeed, effective budgeting is essential. We frequently get inquiries like, “How much does it cost to make an app?” from clients who need mobile app development for small and large businesses. and “What factors affect the price?”

We comprehend the clients’ worries about wise investing. We have put together a comprehensive cost breakdown to give you a better idea of the budget required to create a strong mobile app.

We will examine each of the major variables that will affect the price of developing mobile applications in 2020 in this article.

What are those things that influence your cost for mobile app development?

The hourly rates and the time of application development are just an illusion, the cost of total app development does not only depend on their rates. There are plenty of other factors like product complexity and post-launch maintenance.

Here are some aspects that are affecting the cost of mobile application development

The mobile app development team

Teams can range from large to small, depending on the project’s complexity and business objectives. A process’ cost increases with the number of participants. Business analysts, UI/UX designers, project managers, solution architects, QA engineers, and app developers are typically members of a standard development team.

The need for additional skill sets, such as those of a mobile app marketer, translator, or a few more developers, may arise if a digital product or platform is anticipated to be complex.

Features of your application

The price also depends on the app’s functionality. The more time and effort will be put into app development the more intriguing yet complex the product features are. Typically, we divide apps into three categories based on their complexity: MVPs, medium-complexity apps, and complex apps. A medium app requires more time to develop (roughly 6-7 months), and a complex application may take longer—up to nine months—than an MVP with a basic set of features.

UI/UX Design (While developing an application)

The price of the premium design is high. If you make timely investments in the usability and ongoing user testing of an app, you will save even more money than you had spent if an app already on the market appeared to function incorrectly.

An app needs to be timely updated with the necessary changes for it to succeed. It implies that you should give user experience research special attention and constantly adapt UI/UX design.

Launching platform of your application

The decision you make regarding the iOS or Android platform may have an impact on the price of developing a mobile application. Your target market will determine whether it is better to create an iOS or Android app. You can decide which class of devices to target with the aid of the thorough market and user analysis provided Hyperlink InfoSystem reviews by a mobile app development company.

If you walk through the center of any sizable city, you might notice that the majority of the people are holding apples. Surprisingly, data on the market share of mobile operating systems worldwide reveals that Android significantly outpaces iOS.

Android accounted for a whopping 74.45% of the market between January 2018 and January 2019, while iOS only made up 22.85%, according to Statcounter. The remaining 2% was made up of 0.3% Windows, 0.28% Samsung, and 1.1% KaiOS (a web-based OS used to improve feature phones).

How much does it cost to create an iOS or Android application? The cost will be almost the same if you create an app for one of them. However, it is preferable to make your application compatible with both the iOS and Android platforms if you want to reach both target audiences. Of course, the budget for development will go up.

Making native apps created especially for iOS or Android is an additional choice. They are typically more expensive but are believed to perform significantly better than cross-platform ones.

In-App purchase

Implementing an application with geolocation or top payment gateways, like PayPal or Google Wallet, always takes a lot longer.

Get ready for a longer development process and higher costs if your ideal app must rely on location information, as developers are likely to use cutting-edge geofencing and iBeacon technologies. They take longer to implement but significantly increase the potential of mobile apps.

Famous start-ups that spent on mobile app development

  • Uber: $200K in seed funding
  • Instagram: $500K for their further app development
  • Tinder: $485K in the seed round in 2012


In addition to the primary cost drivers mentioned here, there are a variety of ancillary factors that contribute to rising costs for mobile app development. The time and expense associated with its rise as the features and functionalities do as well. Its complexity is further increased by the incorporation of cutting-edge technology partners like AI, BlockChain, and cloud-based services. As a result, the factors affecting the cost of developing an app vary greatly depending on the variety of features and services used. Hire android app developers for your business needs.


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