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Schools play a crucial part in a child’s life. Children spend most of their time in school, and they do not just study but also acquire knowledge and learn new concepts. 

It also helps them discover and develop their personalities by exploring their interests and by socialization. Many parents in Singapore are currently looking for a reputed international school, such as GIIS, for their children. 

The parents believe that educational programs paired with extracurricular activities and an all-around setting can provide their children with a solid foundation. 

This foundation will be ideal for a child’s future within this globalized realm. They will also receive many unique perks and the chance to study in prestigious universities across the globe.

Studying in an International School: The Benefits

When parents send their children to international schools, they will shower them with unique benefits. Some of these benefits are: 

  1.     Extra Activities and Academic Excellence 

Sending your children to international school will help them benefit greatly from academic excellence. 

These schools have teachers who guide children throughout the curriculum, which will give them the advantage of covering all the main factors when facing challenges in their life. 

International school’s qualification record will enable all the children to avail outstanding opportunities in the coming future. These institutes offer a diverse range of extracurricular activities, such as: 

  • Photography
  • Foreign Language Lessons
  • Art and Dance
  • Music 
  • Sports

Regular implementation of all these activities can help a learner develop an interest in outlining their curiosity and extracurricular activities.

It will also teach him/her to be disciplined and systematic when achieving goals and acquiring skills in life. Moreover, international school students get the chance to become an expert in skills, knowledge, and fitness.

  1.     Experiential Learning and Innovative Approaches 

Infused groundbreaking curricula are highly beneficial for your child, which he/she can opt for once they get admitted to an international institute. These schools offer excellent programs linked to resilience, discipline, mental endurance fitness, etc. 

These programs will help children to magnify their skills within all the domains and enable them to benefit through experiential learning. 

International schools, such as GIIS Singapore, will organize trips to museums, summer camps, and historical locations. Going on trips will provide your child with proper understanding and knowledge. 

  1.     Individual Development and Attention 

Classrooms at these schools have a lower teacher-student ratio. Your child will get a lot more attention from the teachers. International schools do not carry a competitive ranking system, which enables students to learn at their own pace. 

They don’t need to keep up with other students and will also get the opportunity to pick the subjects which he/she is interested in learning. 

Your child will surely be intrinsically motivated to study, which will make the entire learning experience a lot more enjoyable and positive at the same time.

  1.     International Schools Offer Montessori School Education

These schools provide Montessori school education to children. This type of education is equipped with several main practices, such as:

  • Child-centered approach
  • Multi-age classrooms
  • Offers learning materials
  • Have trained and qualified Montessori teachers
  • Has interrupted work periods

The international Montessori school will help young children retain a lot more information when they engage their senses and get to have fun while doing so. 

Montessori education will allow children to learn through play and keep the child engaged and interested at the same time. The Montessori school will also enable them to build curiosity, which in return, enhances their entire learning experience. 

  1.     High Chance of Networking 

When you send your child to a reputed international school, it will provide them with many perks. One of these perks is having a wide group of contacts and friends. 

Children should be equipped with excellent social skills to help them succeed in today’s society. Having acquaintances and close friends from all over the globe is something that every child requires. 

It will surely help them thrive within this competitive realm and also help them make preparations for higher education.

  1.     Physical Education Curricula and Sports Area

Activities that are linked to sports are said to be an essential part of the international school’s academic curriculum. These institutes offer a diverse range of sports, which are available to all the students. Some of these sports options are: 

  • Indoor games
  • Football ground
  • Cricket playground
  • Basketball court
  • Tennis court
  • Swimming pool

Another remarkable thing about the international school is that they offer world-class physical education curricula, separated into indoor and outdoor activities or sports. 

Indoor activities, such as carom, table tennis, yoga, and chess, are some things students can take part in. 

But to ensure that the children improve in these activities, the school assigns specialized and experienced teachers as trainers. 

These teachers provide their guidance and ensure that each student gets to improve their health and physical fitness.

Last Words

Parents wishing to assure their children an optimistic future must admit them to international schools like GIIS Singapore. They will not only enjoy studying but also get to make friends across the globe. 

These schools are well known for their varied educational programs, allowing children to gain unique skills and knowledge.

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