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Have you ever thought about how you can get more engagement on the Facebook page of your business? If yes, then you’re the only one. Engagement on social media is often a mystery for small business owners and the leaders of non-profit organizations. Common questions regarding this issue include “how do we get more followers or likes,” and “are my followers even seeing the content we’re posting?” These are typical issues that have simple solutions.

We’ve previously written about the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and published blog posts about Google algorithms that determine what kind of content is displayed first in search results. Today we shift the focus to social media algorithms–specifically Facebook–and show you how to audit your current social media strategy and make adjustments to increase your visibility on your audience’s feed.

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Engaging with customers and creating leads to generate leads on Facebook is an ongoing battle to attract attention. With 2.8 billion active users, there’s a lot of competition. Making and sharing meaningful and engaging content is crucial, but it’s only one component of a well-designed Facebook marketing plan. To make sure that you make sure that your content is seen, there are some things you must do — and be careful about doing to gain the popularity you’re looking for click here.


Like many algorithms in the world, Facebook’s algorithm has been designed to understand users’ preferences and then serve the content people want to view. Contrary to other search engines, Facebook offers users the option to alter what’s displayed in the newsfeed by setting options and settings, like removing irrelevant content or prioritizing the pages you wish to view first.

Relevance is the reason why it is so vital when it comes to social media channels. You shouldn’t simply write about whatever you’d like to write about. Instead, you should post the content your ideal client would like to read. This isn’t always the exact thing.

As a company, Facebook is looking to increase the number of times users use its platform. To achieve this, they have developed the Facebook newsfeed algorithm that creates information that will keep users engaged and engaged with the content for the longest time possible. Based on various factors, Facebook evaluates and ranks the content that is the most engaging and meaningful to the user. This is mainly about previous actions made by the user.

For instance, if a Facebook user shares, likes, or views a video or clicks on a link shared on your page, Facebook’s algorithm analyzes and tracks their actions to decide what information to display later. This is why it’s essential to ensure you target your content toward your ideal client so they will want to interact with it.

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Sometimes–especially when a business is a brand new to Facebook–it does make a lot of sense to boost posts to get more traction. Since Facebook began, its feed marketing professionals have been working hard to manipulate the system and have employed strategies to ensure that their posts are discovered first. But in the end, Facebook has the upper hand and will prioritize paid posts.

You can earn a decent amount of exposure at minimal cost, mainly if you know your target market and have identified terms that connect your customers’ desires with your services and products. Combine that knowledge with well-written content, engaging images or videos, and a smart call to action, and you’ll witness an increase in your overall engagement.


Text-only posts are not a priority by Facebook algorithms and are most likely not to be considered. Make sure you match the text with an image or, better yet, audio. It’s a few extra steps, but it can change how people view your website’s content.

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There are free websites such as Un splash to download stock images. If no photo matches your message, you can use an application such as Canva to design an appropriate quote for your content. If you’re involved with other media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, you can make an image of tweets and post it on Facebook with a little more context.

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