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The highest level of certification available to Microsoft Partners is Gold Competency, which goes above Silver Competency. A partner with gold competency is qualified to assist clients in a particular area or execute a certain technological solution. Only the top 1% of Microsoft Partners worldwide have achieved Gold Certification.

The five reasons we believe you should collaborate with Microsoft gold partners in Singapore are detailed in the following paragraphs.

Partners with Gold Certification are Regularly Updated

The skills needed to use Microsoft’s products are also continually evolving. Microsoft gold partners in Singapore keep track of these changes. Would you choose a heart surgeon who hasn’t received training on the newest surgical advancements in the previous 20 years? You would probably go with a doctor who had more current training and certifications if you had the option. Similar to this, it makes sense to choose a Microsoft Partner that is knowledgeable on how to use the newest Microsoft technologies to benefit your organisation.

Gold Partners Exceed Expectations in Every Way

Microsoft A Partner who has achieved Gold Certification has done so by meeting Microsoft’s demanding standards, which are getting more difficult to meet. To be more precise, Microsoft requires that at least 15 employees of a firm complete a number of core value tests before it is granted Gold Certification. Five of the fifteen must also pass further specialty exams. No one is “grandfathered” in; this operation is done every year.

What does your organisation stand to gain from this? To begin with, you can trust that a Gold Certified Partner is an expert in their field. Furthermore, a Gold Partner will have several highly qualified staff members available to assist you, meaning that it’s not just one or two people at the partner organisation who are up to speed on the most recent Microsoft technology. This indicates that a certain project or engagement won’t be complicated by organisational internal churn.

Keep in mind that there is a difference between having a huge workforce and maintaining a sizable Microsoft Certified workforce. Microsoft gold partners in Singapore will have a “deep bench” of highly qualified team members if you choose them.

Direct access to Microsoft is granted to Gold Partners.

Microsoft gold partners in Singapore seldom need help from Microsoft since they are authorities in their particular fields of expertise. Gold Specialists have direct access to advanced support partners inside Microsoft Business Solutions when a support case with Microsoft is necessary. The final outcome? greater customer service and quicker reaction times. Gold Partners can also take a situation to the next level if required.

Proof of Concept from Gold Partners

Microsoft Due to their access to a variety of product licences, Microsoft gold partners in Singapore are able to create demos that demonstrate the concept to clients. This implies that a Gold Partner may permit a client to test a solution prior to purchase.

With Microsoft Finance, a Partner with Multiple Competencies may even provide client advice over the course of several days, much as when preparing a pilot project. This might be quite useful if you’re ready to move forward with a solution but want to see proof of concept before committing money.

Employee satisfaction at Gold Partners results in delighted clients.

Lower turnover results in happier employees, who in turn make customers happier. Technology workers need ongoing professional web development to remain abreast of new developments in the sector, and AKA fulfils this need as Microsoft gold partner in Singapore. Additionally, working with a Gold Partner provides a level of commitment from your staff that you just won’t find anywhere else, and this staff dedication is beneficial to your company.



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