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To successfully bet with bookmakers and stay on top, you need not only to use professional forecasts but also to know the betting strategies. Gambling chaotically and unsystematically, something that beginners often do, can lead to momentary profits, but they will eventually turn into losses. Even for competent bettors, individual losing bets are not uncommon. In order not to go bankrupt, you must use a system or method that allows you to cover losses. This is the 22Bet Naija strategy

Winning sports betting strategies

Origin of Strategies and Different Classes

There are a variety of strategies for bookmakers: some are quite versatile, and others are suitable for individual sports or for specific types. Many minimal risk strategies are based on systems developed by regular casino gamblers. There are completely new systems. The best sports betting strategies with detailed descriptions are collected in this section of our website.

For the success of sports betting, it is necessary to use profitable and reliable strategies. With all the existing variety, they can be divided into 2 large groups:

  • Financial strategies based on monetary principles;
  • Sports betting strategies (game strategies), dependent on sports lineups.

Financial Strategies

These are strategies based on the management of funds. Before starting the game, the bettor determines the amount that he can dispose of: the amount to bet. The strategy involves, first of all, avoiding bankruptcy. Therefore, the individual amount of each bet must be determined in order not to deplete the entire bank.

This category includes:

  • The Danish system;
  • Percentage of the original bank;
  • Kelly Criterion or percentage of the current bank;
  • Flat or fixed total bet;
  • Fixed benefit;
  • Series of numbers, this is a profitable long-term strategy if the funds are large enough.

Game Strategies

Strategies that are effective for some sports may not make sense for others, for example:

  • The three-point shot strategy applies exclusively to basketball;
  • The Dutch strategy is for Formula 1;
  • Games against the favorite are for those sports where transfers are made

There are universal sports betting strategies:

  • Bet on total+ or total-
  • Odd/even betting on basketball, volleyball (Dogon strategy is generally applied);
  • Long-term bets (futures) for tournaments.

Many novice players wonder if there are win-win strategies. They are usually considered such:

  • Forks – bets on opposite events at different bookmakers;
  • Halls – double bets, of which at least one will necessarily win.

1X2 Strategy in Football Betting

The main result is P1, X and P2. These types of bets are the simplest and most popular. It is the main result that the 1X2 strategy offers to bet, but not with simple bets, but with Express bets, so that even if the result of a match is predicted incorrectly, it can remain in the black.

According to this strategy, three games must be chosen in which the favorites play on their own ground. It goes without saying that the probability of the home team winning should be high. Therefore, we must first carry out a pre-match analysis. The odds of the home team winning and the outcome of P1 must be between 1.70 and 2.00.

In theory, you can make three individual bets on the victory of the hosts, but there is a peculiarity: according to statistics, one of the three such matches ends in a draw. But thanks to this strategy, this turn of events will allow you to make a profit.

To do this, we need to make four express lanes. The first is for a draw in the first match, a first win in the second match and also a win in the third match. The second Express L1, X, L1. The third will be P1, L1, X. And the fourth P1, P1, P1.

How to Bet on Cyber Football

The massive cancellation of sporting events has caused a great deal of confusion in the sports betting market. To retain customers and keep them interested in betting, bookmakers are actively working on new markets. One of them, electronic sports in general and football in particular, has come to the fore.

We tell you how to bet on cyber soccer, how to understand it and what are the strategies to bet on this sport.

What is Cyber Soccer?

There are two types of soccer in the eSports world. The first is a computer game where teams and virtual “soccer players” perform technical movements within the software: seek the goal, attack, defend, take the ball from the opponent, in general, do everything that the players do. real soccer. The simplest example of soccer is a game of two teams in a simulator with no choice of sides. In such matches, the computer algorithm fights against itself.

Bookmakers say in unison that they cannot influence the outcome of a virtual match in any way (the program does not belong to them, but to the developers), so the results are unpredictable and often not obvious. .

Another type of soccer is a game of real people fighting for real teams in a simulator with controllers in hand. If you’ve ever held a controller (or keyboard) in your hands while playing FIFA or PES, you know exactly what the game is about.

In this type of cyber soccer competition, the leading role is played by the training of the players, their experience and current form. Many bookmakers accept bets on professional series and current electronic tournaments, and some even organize their own competitions.

Distinctive Features of Betting on Cyber Football

Let’s take a look at simulated soccer betting in more detail. Different bookmakers have different programs, they should be taken into account when placing a bet. In them, the strength of the virtual teams does not match that of the real ones. Therefore, before starting to play, it is important to read the rules of each bookmaker in terms of betting on such competitions.

In normal football, the game’s outcome is influenced by many factors, and bettors take this into account. In cyber soccer, the following factors that we are used to not mattering:

  • player fatigue;
  • What weather will there be during the match;
  • The physical condition of the leaders;
  • injuries
  • Classification and motivation of the team;
  • Long series of wins or losses.

If you can imagine an ideal team, it is any cyber soccer team. However, it is impossible to predict the outcome based on the strength of the individual players. In the computer program, both the game itself and the individual actions of the players are presented in random order.

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