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two piece boxes

two piece boxes

One difficult task is differentiating your two-piece packaging boxes. Your brand must be unique in a crowded market with similar alternatives. There are a few things that can help you increase the rate of success. Making an impact through product packaging needs a lot of studies, planning, and execution. High-quality substrates, coatings, and finishing effects serve to achieve this.

Regarding brand management, the printed packaging’s finishing touches are the perfect accessory. They may either set a product apart or convey creativity and excellence. Getting customers’ attention aesthetically is only half of the problem. Thus, we may measure customers’ reactions, which is crucial for purchasing. Let’s examine some of the most often used finishing options now accessible, along with the justification for their use.

Foil stamping on two-piece packaging boxes

Applying metallic or vibrant foil to printed custom two-piece boxes is called foil stamping. Heat and pressure with a stamping machine stand out from the rest of the packaging. This tactic produces a thoughtful and slightly raised design. There are many hot foil alternatives available. They range from traditional and colorful metallic foils to two-piece rigid gift boxes. The trendy holographic foil changes colors depending on the angle it is viewed.

You can use foil stamping to produce a brilliant, bright metallic finish. Further, you can use it to highlight your logo or brand and make patterns and outlines. It also functions best in small amounts. So, you should pick just one or two components to highlight in the foil. It goes beyond just looking good. For instance, hot foil stamping serves in manufacturing modern technologies like smartphones. The reason is that it has anti-copy features.

Debossing and Embroidery options

A metal plate and a counter are essential for embossing and debossing two-piece gift boxes. Embossing gives the design a three-dimensional aspect by leaving a raised impression on the paper. On the other hand, debossing forces the paper down and depresses the stock. These effects may serve individually or collaborate with other embellishments to produce a more dramatic impact. Spot UV coating or foil with embossing helps to draw attention to the textured image or logo. There are many methods for embossing and debossing.

They may serve as book covers for hard covers or special editions. Further, they give books an antique depth that is less “look at me” than foil or varnish. Additionally, they may also utilize cosmetic packaging and consumer electronics products. These products are touched frequently before purchase. The DVDs and Blu-ray discs are also included in this category. Thus, embossing and debossing give a luxurious appearance to the items.

Effect of Metalizing

The process of getting a metal coating on the surface of metallic objects refers to as metalized finishing. Standard polyethylene film is used in metalized packaging of two-piece rigid boxes. It has a metallic, lustrous surface thanks to applying a thin layer of aluminum. It might also involve establishing a method for polishing, cleaning, and upgrading a surface. For various reasons, the metallic paper makes an excellent face stock for generic labels.

Its prime selling point is that it has an appealing face. Metalized layers can serve as a coating to shield the package from outside influences. Moreover, they are stable, fadeless, and do not change color over time. Metalized solutions and services provide a sense of luxury and highlight the distinctive company identity. Metal effects widely serve in packaging designs for goods including personal care, tobacco, and beauty & cosmetics.

Effect of Die-cutting on two-piece packaging boxes

The die-cutting machine uses an inventory levels die for common cutting forms like rounded corners for two-piece boxes. This result is comparable to pastry cutting. The machine receives the printed item and presses the die against it, creating a cut-out shape. Letterpress printing was the forerunner of die-cutting before it became a more specialized production technique. A die serves in the packaging industry’s die-cutting process to cut materials into various shapes and designs.

It mostly serves in the production of folding cardboard packaging, although there are other uses. Die-cutting serves for activities that require a repeated specific cut-out form throughout a large batch of goods. This custom die makes the products extremely expensive. This print effect creates rounded-edged business cards, luxurious mooncake boxes, or spectacular gift boxes for special occasions. Thus, the die-cutting technique adds more charm and quality to your brand products.

UV Protection

The printing on a two-piece rigid setup box of paper is preserved by UV coating. It is a bonded and cured liquid. It may provide a variety of effects, including gloss, matte, and pearlescent effects, by layering it in different thicknesses. Moreover, it also produces a raised texture or pattern. 

For instance, business cards with a UV coating will be more enticing than those without one. It is one of the various surface treatments to produce printed materials with a pleasing visual appearance. Likewise, UV coating on brochures, postcards, folders, and custom packaging draws attention. Further, draw attention to specific elements on a page, such as logos and slogans.

You must first and foremost have a clear understanding of your brand, objective, and budget. Resultantly, you will have a clearer understanding of the finishing effects suitable for your two-piece packaging. It always provides distinctive finishing touches, like color effects and unique varnishes. The cutting-edge technology gives printed images motion. They all stand out and have breathtaking effects, whether die-cut or coated with iridescent material. Thus, packaging with refined finishing looks will impress your customers; get in touch with us.


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