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IVR has enabled businesses to stay open, never shut down, and stay connected with their customers and prospects. The company need not deploy additional live agents to be present to answer the customer’s queries. Instead, they integrate the IVR number- Interactive Voice Response to address customers’ queries to allow customers to contact the business 24×7.

Let’s understand how the software helps business organizations keep their company open 24×7 and offer their customers round-the-clock customer support.

How Does the IVR Number Keep A Business Open 24×7?

Businesses understand that customers need to contact them anytime. They may face an issue anytime, and the company needs to provide them the facility of accessibility 24×7. It is particularly true in the BFSI industry where urgency, such as reporting loss or theft of credit/ debit cards and reporting suspicious transactions needs to be done immediately. So, understandably the bank or the financial institution will not be open physically 24×7, and the employees cannot be available to address the queries round-the-clock. The number is an excellent alternative where customers can put up their concerns. They can get immediate answers from the IVR system.

An automated voice in the system will greet the customers and offer them a series of menus and submenus that will guide them to the department they are looking for and get answers. For instance, if the callers are looking forward to getting loan information- they will press the corresponding key on their mobile phone keypads as instructed by the software. This way, they will be directly connected to the loan department and get the information quickly. Similarly, if the caller needs to speak to the agent, they will choose the particular option accordingly. The automated voice answers the customers’ questions. If the live agents are available, the customers can always speak to them. They need not wait for the business to open during working hours or days.

Call Forwarding

Businesses integrate toll-free numbers and virtual numbers as their contact numbers. Calls received on the toll-free numbers are forwarded to mobile numbers and landlines. So, the organization might not be open 24×7- the physical brick-and-mortar store, but the technology will always ensure that the business is open 24×7. Customers can call the company anytime they want to -beyond working hours, weekends or holidays. The system keeps the company accessible to its customers all the time. The business never goes offline and never shuts down. So it creates an omnipresence for the business.

Customizable Menu

The IVR system is customizable and allows businesses from different industries to add or delete menus in the standard product. Every business is unique, and it needs to address customers’ queries efficiently. So, it can customize the IVR menus and establish multi-level menus to ensure that when the customers call the business it can answer all their queries efficiently. With easy-to-navigate menus in the IVR number, a company can stay connected with its customers and provide them with an enhanced CX every time they call the business.

In addition to the customization capability, the IVR also offers multilingual support. The software helps the business offer high-quality customer support in different languages. The software supports global vocabulary. Companies can choose the language their customers prefer and ensure they provide them with a personalized experience. It helps them to offer better CX and ensure brand loyalty.

Toll-free numbers: Businesses integrate toll-free technology to offer better CX. Customers need not pay anything to the business, and they can get access to the company via the IVR. A multi-level menu awaits them that works on the DTMF input. It connects the callers easily to the desired department and resolves their queries.


We have discussed several details about IVR and how it helps a business to remain open 24×7. Omnipresence is necessary to stay connected with the target audience. With 24×7 availability, a company can offer streamlined customer support and deliver better CX. In today’s fast-paced world where customers need instant gratification, it’s necessary to integrate software to provide an enhanced customer experience.

Cloud telephony companies like Knowlarity offer the IVR system at attractive prices. It caters to the requirements of start-ups, SMEs, and large corporations with a flexible payment plan accompanied by high-quality products and services.

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