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Whether you plan to decorate or renovate your living room, you only select the best accents so that the room gets upscaled. Sometimes, it is not only the materials and styling that can degrade the look of a room, but it’s the measurement of the area and the way things are arranged that decide how a room appears.

Firstly, a good rug will help you create a functional space; however, measurement of the area must be done while a carpet is set in the living area. An area rug size of 5’X7’ or 5’X8’ is a medium-size rug suitable for rooms with compact and enlarged spacing.

A medium size such as the 5’x7’ is advantageous for various reasons. They do not take much space. In addition, it highlights accents in a room thereby also paving its route to define a space for seating or walking.

5’x7’ is an appropriate sizing option for rugs.

However, it is well suggested that you should measure an area well before the rug is placed.

You can style a 5’x7’ sized rugs as follows:

  1. All legs on: in an enormous room, when you want to place all your furniture pieces together, this size can suit you well. It is better to ensure that the seating arrangement is not huge; otherwise, it would look dull.
  2. Front legs only: the layout of the furnishing helps define a room. In a rug of medium size, when you keep only the front legs of the furniture, it leaves enough space for the carpet to be well displayed. This makes a room feel spacious, even if it is compact.
  3. Placing as showpiece: if you have a vast living room, a medium-size might not blend well. But, you can always use it as a showpiece by placing it in the center under a coffee table. You can also try putting it beside an ottoman.
  4. With chairs: as mentioned before, the living room is multi-purposeful. You can also turn your living room into a library by only placing an armchair with a medium-size rug. You can also opt for a rocking chair, a table, and a pouf with a rug placed under the table.
  5. Unusual way: conventional ways suggest rugs can either be in the center of the room with legs on or only front legs on it. But, since designing is an art, you can opt to distinguish your seating arrangement by placing a rug and no other accents. A patterned carpet placed between the seating space and no different accents will make the room airy and palatial.
  6. Layering the rug: A medium-size carpet can also be considered when you plan to layer the room. You can pick a pairing theme for your interiors and pair a medium-sized rug with a large one.
  7. In a twist: A customized round rug of 5’X7’ in bold colors will seek the attention of the beholders. It will help your living room get an eclectic look.

Listed below are some aspects of what wonders a good rug can do.

  • Texture: A rough rug can create an edgy feel for a room. Instead, when you select a soft carpet, it makes the room comfortable.
  • Ambiance: a room can be in any style, and placing a rug suitable to that, will be a cherry on the cake.
  • Colors: choosing rugs blending in well with the undertone of a room would always resemble perfection.

Décor enhancement: Only old age accents don’t need to be kept in a vintage-styled living room. Installing a good rug opposite the room styles can enhance a décor when arranged correctly.

Wool rug are also trendy. The material does not require any special maintenance but they’re not suitable for rooms with high traffic. Geometric patterns are also in the rage. Geometric area rugs can be an elegant background for furniture of the mid-century, like a black and white sofa. Designers such as Martin Young and Night Palm have created a black and white rug with the classic Mario Bellini sofa. Carpets with patterns are an additional great luxury rug suggestion for 2022.

Plaids were popular during the 70s but are making a comeback fashion. Green plaid rugs are a beautiful jewel-toned selection that is a great match for the furniture you have in your home. Dark furniture can hide the pattern, while furniture that is bright will stand out against it.

Sustainable designs are now an increasingly popular style in design for interiors, and rug design is no one of them.

This assures the best quality product. If you’re looking for a rug with a high-end design that will last for a long time then look no further. These rugs will leave an impact on your décor and will last the rest of your life.

Many love the vintage look of rug. However, they typically have smaller piles than the newer models. They are available in muted shades, light and airy colors, or even with Tassels.

One trend within the world of rug production that will remain prominent in 2022 is the usage of hand-made rugs. The majority of consumers would like to know the source of the rug they purchase for their flooring. The handmade pieces can make your purchase very personal. But, they also require more commitment from you.

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