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Sometimes it doesn’t seem easy to start writing an essay. You might have an excellent outline and be fully aware of what you want to write, but you may have difficulty gathering the right words. The first paragraph in essay is very important to capture your readers’ attention and keep them interested in your essay. A boring essay can lose the reader’s attention, even if you have made brilliant points and the information you have gathered is relevant to your topic. A poor handling and dull style can weaken the positivity of the essay. So, the first paragraph in the essay should be interesting enough to spark the reader’s interest. This article is based on the ways that make the first paragraph of essay interesting.

1. The first paragraph in the essay:

The first paragraph in essay is an introduction. It plays an important role in making a strong impression with a hook and it gains readers’ interest and captures their attention. It provides background information about your topic and creates the main idea and the purpose of your writing. Due to all these reasons and purposes, it is essential to make your first paragraph more interesting.

2. Best ways to make the first paragraph in an essay more interesting:

The first paragraph of your essay is the most important part of it. It is where you hook the reader, make your argument and state your thesis statement. It’s also where you can really make an impact on the reader.

Here are some tips on how to make your first paragraph more interesting:

  1. Start with a question that the reader wants to be answered.
  2. Use a quote or statistics to make your point.
  3. Write about a personal experience that relates to your topic.
  4. Explain how what you are writing about relates to you personally.

Although you have the option to hire the best and cheap essay writing service, there are also a lot of other things that you can do to make your first paragraph in essay interesting. Let’s have a look at them.

2.1. Be interested in what you are writing about:

Passion for a specific subject or topic is presented naturally in your writing. You can make it more lively and interesting by injecting a contagious eagerness into your words. Similarly, if something is interesting, it will be easy for you to have a command on the topic. The problem arises when you need to write an essay about a subject or topic in which you don’t have any interest. In this case, you may face difficulty as you are not interested in the topic. You can follow the following tips to overcome this difficulty.

  • Adjust your mindset:

It’s you who make your writing boring or interesting. Try to build your interest if you feel negative about your subject. Try to relate it to the real world and discuss the importance of your subject.

  • Think about your readers:

If you feel negative about your topic or it seems boring for you, it doesn’t mean it will be boring for everyone. While writing, keep your reader’s viewpoints in your mind and consider what they will be interested in. If it is impossible to get into the reader’s mindset, research your topic to find different forums, videos and blogs. It will give you a perspective and different opinions related to your topic.

2.2. Share an amusing fact:

It is another way to start your essay by sharing unforeseen entertaining facts about your topic. This will grab your reader’s attention and make them keep reading to explain the presented fact.

Relevance is the key here. Ensure that the fact you use in the essay’s first paragraph relates to the topic you are covering. Otherwise, it will feel haphazard and might confuse your reader. It can reduce your essay’s worth and show that you don’t have a full grip on your topic.

2.3. Ask a question:

Starting an essay by asking a question is the most engaging way. You directly invite your readers to interact with your work by asking a question in the opening. Asking a question is very important in an essay; it gives you a choice for your readers to keep them engaged. Such essays portray a good image that addresses their reader directly and places them in a position to reflect on what they have asked.

2.4. Dramatize a scene:

You can dramatize a scene related to your topic at the beginning to make the first paragraph in essay more interesting. It is also an effective way to start your essay. This technique is best for creative and literary essays. This technique can also work when you use tales to emphasize your situation in persuasive essays.

2.5. Kick it off with a quote:

Keep in mind that you can always copy the words from other writers in the form of quotes when you are struggling with the introduction of your essay. Ensure that any quote you choose needs to be related to your topic. This technique is an effective way to begin any type of essay.

2.6. State your thesis directly:

This is the most important start to your essay, where you state your thesis directly in your introduction. Starting your essay with the thesis statement help the readers know your main direction for research. These kinds of introductions are useful for analytical essays.

2.7. Employ rhetorical questions:

One of the ways is to make the use of rhetorical questions just like the other speakers. By doing this, they increase the dramatic effect of their speeches and grab their audience’s attention. Rhetorical questions can effectively introduce the new line in the paragraph by raising a question you will discuss. You can use this technique in the first paragraph in essay effectively to enhance your reader’s interest.


In any formal piece of writing, whether an essay, a dissertation, thesis or a proposal, the first paragraph plays a very important role in your essay. Your introductory paragraph catches the attention of your readers and gives a general opinion to your reader about what you have done. So it is necessary to make it more catchy and more interesting. Before writing an essay, you should know the importance and what you can add to the first paragraph. This article has provided several ways and ideas you can follow. Read them carefully and work according to them to make the first paragraph in essay more interesting.

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