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Whether you are a new user of Whatsapp or you already have an account, you may want to customize your home screen. You can do this in a number of ways, including hiding the contact list divider, updating the history and sending large videos.

Hide chats divider on yo whatsApp

Using a modified version of  WhatsApp, such as Yo WhatsApp , gives you more control over how you communicate. You can set custom chat wallpapers for different contacts, change font styles, and change the color of text in the chat bubble. You can also import emojis from other platforms.

Another great feature of YoWhatsApp is its ability to block incoming calls. This feature is helpful for meetings and other situations when you don’t want your contacts to know you’re online. You can also set up a one-time password to access advanced features.

Another cool feature of the app is its ability to set the chat bubble’s text size. You can also change the color of the tab background and the text color for the unread counter.

Customize the home screen

YOWhatsApp is a free messaging app that allows you to customize the home screen of your phone. It includes thousands of themes and customization options. You can change the theme, text color, widget color, icons, background, tabs and more.

The new feature, Status, lets you upload photos, videos and daily tidbits to your contacts. You can also limit the status privacy settings. You can also set a custom wallpaper for each contact.

The security pattern option helps to prevent unauthorized access to your WhatsApp account. You can also hide the date and time from copying messages. You can also use the block feature to hide incoming messages and calls.

Send large videos

Using a cloud disk is one way to send large videos on WhatsApp. You can also use a file-sharing service. You can use Google Drive or Dropbox. You can also try to compress a video by using a free online tool.

The Documents app is another option. It has several functions, including importing videos that are under 100 MB. You can also send a photo or video to iCloud. It is available in the App Store. You can also find it in your default file manager app. This app is a good choice if you don’t want to compromise on video quality.

It’s also possible to send large videos directly to your contacts. One way to do this is to use a video compressor like Panda. You can download it from the Play Store for Android phones. It will help compress your video to the required size to meet the WhatsApp’s limits.

Hide contact profile pictures

Whether you’re using WhatsApp on your Android or iPhone, you can restrict the visibility of your profile picture to certain contacts. There are several reasons you may want to hide your profile picture. You may not want certain people to see it, or you may want to give the impression that you’re blocking someone. You can choose to hide your profile picture to just contacts, to all contacts, or to just My Contacts.

When you want to hide your profile picture, you first need to find the contact you want to hide it from. You may want to delete the contact from your contact list or remove it from your address book.

Hide contact name and call button

Whether you are a mobile phone user, a computer user or an iOS user, you may have come across the question, “how to hide contact name and call button on Yo Whatsapp?” If you are among those people, you can now enjoy the features of this application. This app has numerous features that you can use to customize and improve your experience on WhatsApp. You can hide the contact name, call button and even the status of your chats with this app.

Using this app is very easy. You can start a chat by pressing the speech bubble icon, and it’s just as easy to close the conversation screen by swiping left. You can also change your font style, bubble style, tick style and more. You can also set the privacy of your chats and group messages with this application.

Update history

Despite the fact that it is not as popular as WhatsApp, there is one thing that it can do that its counterpart can’t. YoWa is a clone of WhatsApp that can be used to communicate with contacts on two accounts at once. You’ll need more than one phone number to make the most of this app, however.

The aforementioned has some nifty features, namely a group calling mode, group messaging mode, and post-sending status. However, if you want to use the app on an iOS device, you’ll have to make do with an emulator. That is, a program that will simulate an iOS device on a PC, and this can be achieved with a little hacking.

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