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Today the refrigerator is a crucial appliance in every place like houses, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and offices. And it is the one machine which has to work day and night to keep your drinks and food items cool and fresh. When your fridge gets any defect, or it stops working, it needs an immediate Fridge services in Rasal khor to protect your food. Otherwise, you will have to remove all your food items. Other than this, if you keep maintaining your fridge. It will work efficiently and will remain in good condition for a long time. Doing the experiment of fixing the fridge by yourself or by a poor technician is not a good idea. There are more chances to get more issues if it gets poor service. For the best quality service in Ras al Khor, there is no one better than  Fridge services in Silicon Oasis. Our expert team is too cooperative and understanding. You can discuss all the issues with alghubaiba team, like slow cooling, producing more ice on the bottom or walls, leaking etc. They will examine in detail and will give you an economical solution, if any part needs replacement or if they can fix the old one.

Common problems you are prone to face in the refrigerator:

If you feel any even minor issue with your fridge, do not ignore that. It will invite more issues to the fridge. Immediately take action to fix them. Some of the faults your fridge can face Are discussed below.

Not producing cooling:

Your fridge remains hot or not producing cooling, and maybe there is a problem with its condenser coil, which may need cleaning. Check the condenser fan; maybe it is not working properly. This problem is difficult to handle without an expert serviceman of alghubaiba.

Producing worn noise:

In this case, check the condenser fan and evaporator fan too. The possible problem is there in one or both of the fans. In case of an issue, they will develop noise. It is an alarming problem. Switch off the fridge and contact the fridge technician.

Leaking water:

This problem can occur because of the blockage in the drain pipe due to ice in the pipe or may be due to dirt or food particles. So your fridge needs a deep cleaning. If you cannot do it by yourself, then you need a fridge service professional.

Ice on the bottom or walls in the freezer:

This problem usually occurs when the humidity level increases. The reason can be that you left your freezer open for a long time, or it can be because of a problem with the seal. Maybe it is not in good condition and let outer temperature and humidity enter inside the freezer. Contact Fridge services in Rasal khor team. So they can suggest if the problem can be fixed with the old seal or if it needs replacement.

Consuming more current energy:

You feel that your electricity bill suddenly increased and have a check. If it is due to your fridge, then your fridge needs maintenance. Maybe some parts of the fridge are too old and consume more energy as compared to the new parts. Let a professional service team have a detailed examination of your fridge.

In a nutshell,

A fridge is a complex machine, and its importance cannot be denied. So that its repair service and maintenance by alghubaiba  are crucial on time, call fridge service in silicon oasis for expert and professional service for your fridge. Contact us immediately, and our hardworking, collaborative and expert team  Fridge services in Silicon Oasis without causing any damage, will get your fridge to work perfectly.

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