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Massaging a baby Oil is an activity that helps in developing a connection, both emotional and physical, with the baby. Touch is one of the senses that the baby develops in the early years, and this is the reason why mothers of the newborn are advised to regularly give a body massage to the baby. Besides the development of a connection, massage strengthens the baby’s muscles and skin.

There are a variety of oils that can be used by mothers to massage their babies, like almond , sweet almond oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, castor , and many more. While giving a massage, the mother must ensure that the oil used is suitable for the child. This can be done by testing the oil on a small area of the baby’s skin. Wait for some time; if the skin appears red or irritated, then do not use the same . Some factors that must be considered before choosing the oil are –

Type of oil

There are many types of available in the market, but they are broadly classified into three categories that are mineral oil-based massage , natural light massage , and combination ayurvedic massage . Avoid using mineral oil-based massage as they are greasy and do not allow the skin to breathe properly. As a result of this, the skin is not able to eliminate the toxins, which can lead to allergies and dryness.

Use natural oils like coconut , olive , almond , etc., as these do not contain any toxins and have a pleasant sensorial stimulation.

Ingredients in the oil

Before purchasing the oil, make sure to check the ingredients of the . This will help you in getting an idea about the products that you are applying to the baby’s skin. Try to avoid chemicals as much as you can, as babies have delicate skin.


Brand name and its reputation in the market play an important role in finalizing the oil. Brands that are tried and tested by your elders through time, like Dabur Lal Tail, are a good option.

Made for babies

Babies have sensitive and delicate skin. So, it is advised to buy oils that have a formula specially formulated for babies. Hair or other oils used by adults can be too strong for the baby’s skin and cause allergies and rashes. Prefer purchasing oils that contain natural and herbs.

Expiry date

It is a misconception that until and unless you have to consume oil, there is no need to check the expiry date. The is absorbed by the baby’s skin while getting massaged, and hence you must check the expiry date before applying it to the skin.

Skin type

Even babies have different skin types. While some babies have extremely dry skin, some have normal to combination skin. Get an oil that works on all types of skin. Choose an that enhances the skin’s protective functioning without blocking the baby’s skin pores.

Wrapping Up

Massage helps in strengthening muscles as well as the bond between the mother and the baby. Choose the right type of oil to avoid any health or skin hazard to the baby. You can also head to Little Rituals and get your hands on some of their top-notch products. Through this, your little ones can easily enjoy and get extensive nourishment seamlessly. Visit their website and speak with their professionals today!


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