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It was in the 1960s when the concept of SaaS development was born. Initially known as a ‘time-sharing system’, SaaS has seen massive growth in several years.

  • According to Gartner, from 2015 to 2022, the SaaS market has grown from USD 31.5 billion to around USD 171.9 billion.
  • It has grown five times in seven years.

A lot of small and medium-sized businesses think before investing in physical infrastructure. Being a cloud-based system, it is beneficial to SaaS in this condition. Big companies like Microsoft, Canva, Mailchimp, Adobe, and Shopify are some examples of top SaaS companies.

Let’s delve into the world of SaaS development.

What is Saas development?

The development of a SaaS platform is cloud software development. SaaS denotes ‘Software As A Service’. SaaS supports designing, development, testing, debugging, and integration.

The SaaS provider controls admission to the application. It even enhances security, availability, and performance.

Interesting SaaS statistics

Research has shown some exciting and noteworthy SaaS statistics.

  • Exploring topics says that the SaaS market has grown by around 500% in the past seven years.
  • The United States has 8 times more companies than any other nation.
  • Devsquad reports that 50% of US government organizations use SaaS.
  • According to Gartner, 50% of organizations will centralize the management of SaaS applications by 2026.
  • According to Exploring topics, India is amongst the top 15 SaaS development companies, with more than 800 SaaS companies in India.
  • Devsquad says that 73% of companies plan to switch all their systems to SaaS.

Let’s discuss the SaaS models and application development.

SaaS models

A SaaS business uses software to provide its services or products to clients. SaaS businesses can access a giant market that requires a lesser cost to deliver their product to a larger audience.

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These businesses use SaaS models for development. These models have a low barrier to entry. Its focus is to set up, grow, and stabilize the approach for better functionality and results. SaaS development company offers benefits in project administration and cooperation, unified communications, CRM, sales administration, business architecture analysis, human resource management, and managing finances.

SaaS application development

SaaS application development leads to empowering B2B, B2C enterprises, and startups with effective SaaS solutions. Today, developing a sophisticated, scalable SaaS application is not restricted to any domain. From e-commerce to service-based companies, SaaS can enhance your product or service and take it to the next level.

Nowadays, SaaS applications for the eCommerce domain also use augmented reality features. Ediiie’s developed InterioAR is one of the examples of the most exemplary SaaS application based on augmented reality.

But why are SaaS systems so popular? Let’s know about their advantages.

Advantages of SaaS development

SaaS is one of the most sought-after industry opportunities. With its features, it benefits businesses worldwide.

Easy to scale and integrate

One of the essential features of SaaS is excellent flexibility. In SaaS, the software host is an external vendor. Additionally, the SaaS system can be accessed remotely. All these benefits combined together make SaaS easy to scale.

SaaS solutions have their base in cloud environments. These environments themselves are scalable and have integrations with other SaaS offerings.

Access to analytics tools

SaaS development incorporates analytical tools for better and more consistent performance. Some examples of SaaS analytics tools are Google analytics tool, Adobe Analytics, Profit Well, Mix Panel, etc.

Save on time

SaaS applications only require internet and log-in access. Also, the software or the application is already established and configured internally. Therefore time used for installation and configuration is saved. This indeed saves the total time.


SaaS uses a multi-shared environment. In this kind of environment, the costs are comparatively low. Therefore, it reduces the total software cost. Additionally, SaaS enables the use of high-end software at lower rates.


In a SaaS development company, clientele can deploy SaaS in three cloud types; private, public, and hybrid. As a result, it not only provides faster deployment but also ensures increased security. In addition, it has an extensive data storage facility as data is continuously uploaded to the cloud.


  • Exploring topics says that by 2025, 85% of software used by organizations will be SaaS.

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SaaS development companies are advancing day by day because of their excellent features and benefits. Some notable SaaS trends in 2022 include using Artificial Intelligence in SaaS technology. From small to large scale companies prefer using SaaS development. With SaaS, companies can have a seamless and powerful development experience.

One of the SaaS companies in India, Ediiie is a proficient and established company. It offers scalable, time-efficient, and cost-effective SaaS solutions for any scale project. We help businesses across the world identify gaps, integrate operations, and achieve goals. Ediiie has catered to diverse industries worldwide. For your next SaaS development project, connect with us!

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