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From early childhood education to high school and university studies, a problem universally found in all age groups is a distraction and the inability to focus. The rise of the internet and technological advancements have further catalyzed the lack of focus and retention difficulties. No wonder this era is referred to as the age of distraction! We definitely can’t do without technology to keep up with our fast-paced lives, so to offset the negatives, we must actively focus on improving our children’s memory.

To our advantage, multiple stimulating memory hacks can help boost your child’s memory. It encompasses memory-boosting foods and lifestyle changes to fun exercises and exciting games. Here are eight proven hacks that you can easily incorporate from the comfort of your home.

These brain teasers will help amend your child’s brain structure and improve retention; these are even known to enhance children’s mathematical abilities.


  • Establish a schedule and follow a routines

Establishing a proper routine is key for children, especially young children, and is one of the most proven methods to enhance your child’s memory. Kids are believed to thrive in a routine – some familiarity and general expectations help children be better prepared early childhood education.

A routine eliminates vagueness – so if your three-year-old knows that after a nap, they can go to the park, they will actively finish their evening milk and snack to head out to play.

As they grow older, you can improve the language-memory connection by asking, “What happens when you wake up from your afternoon nap?” “Do you wish to swim or play in the park?” When your child is slightly older, you can give them the freedom to plan their daily routine and set a timetable. Of course, you oversee the same!


  • Doing rather than observing

Young children and babies imitate their parents’ actions. Firstly, if you want your child to learn something new or develop a habit – do it in front of them a few times. Then get them to help you and eventually ask them to do it independently. It could be as simple as clearing toys, laying the dinner table, or arranging their bookshelf.

Repeating the same activity will help improve your child’s retention and working memory. Doing, rather than observing, helps the child to store information more stably.


  • Break it down

Children remember smaller chunks of information much more easily than a lot of information all at once. Don’t overload the child; start with the basics and build up. You can categorize information into lists, color code, give headings, and use such organization tactics to make the recall easy.


  • Sharpen concentration with the help of Music

Music is a calming and established way of improving a child’s memory. You must leverage the power of music to help children focus, as it can manipulate their minds to facilitate the creation and retention of full memories. Calm instrumental music playing in the background is a great solution. Alternatively, learning a music form or a new instrument can improve the child’s confidence, retention, and concentration.


  • Have discussions to encourage Active Learning

Make knowledge more appealing for your child by discussing it differently and asking their opinions. When your child knows their opinion on a matter is important, it encourages them to keep the information in their minds to answer questions later. It improves their memory power and helps augment their critical thinking skills.


  • Positive Reinforcement

Not just kids but human beings in any age group love being appreciated for their excellent work. Any acknowledgment and appreciation are the biggest motivators, even in a workplace; schools and homes are no exception to this rule. Appreciation creates a lasting impression and helps kids retain that task better in their memory. 

Encouraging words for basic tasks such as clearing the room, finishing their homework on time, making the bed, arranging their toys, etc., will help your child recall that pattern.


  • Information retention with games

Board and Card memory games are essential to improve memory in growing brains, just like crossword puzzles are for older brains. And it is the best way to divert your child away from a screen! Games and memory tricks help the brain retain the right information rather than get overwhelmed by it all.


  • Use Personal Examples

For children to improve their memory, they must be able to relate to the information or story. Only when they consider it personally meaningful does it get filtered by the brain and stored as memory. Pique your child’s interest by making the information more relatable, so they can connect with what is being taught. Stories are a recognized method to enable exponential memory growth and help them recall it.



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