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Your home is likely your most valuable asset, so it’s essential to protect it with all the proper insurance policies in place. Unfortunately, many people fail to do this, which can lead to all sorts of financial hardship if something goes wrong. If you need help with filing an insurance claim against your homeowner’s insurance policy, call or email today for a free consultation with one of our Louisiana homeowners insurance claim attorneys. We will review your policy and assess the situation to determine whether you have any legal grounds to file an insurance claim against your home insurance provider.

Why it’s important to hire an experienced attorney

I have put together this guide to help homeowners learn how to best navigate through the often complex and confusing world of homeowner’s insurance claims. This can be especially true if you are not accustomed to dealing with insurance companies. However, don’t settle for less than you deserve. Make sure that you hire an experienced attorney before pursuing your claim any further. It is crucial that they know what they are doing as they will take care of every aspect of your case from beginning to end. You should also read my blog post titled: Don’t Settle for Less Than You Deserve: Hire a Homeowners Insurance Claim Attorney in Louisiana The first thing that you need to do when handling homeowners insurance claims is determine which company has insured your home. Once you figure out who it is, it’s time to file a written notice of the damage and provide them with as much information about the damage as possible. Some tips include taking pictures of the damage so they can get an idea of what happened. Along with photographs, provide them with estimates on costs incurred by repairs or replacements necessary because of damages. Keep track all receipts too! If there was a fire, flood or other natural disaster, many times homeowners are covered without having to file any additional paperwork or filling out anything else aside from a simple form. Take pictures because these might be needed for filing later on too!

Seven signs you may need a lawyer

Many homeowners believe that as long as they are up-to-date on their payments, they will be protected in the event of disaster. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In order to get compensation you may deserve, you need an experienced homeowner’s insurance claim attorney in Louisiana who knows what matters and how to win.

1) You have paid your dues and want to know if you are covered by an insurance policy or not – Paying your insurance premiums doesn’t necessarily mean that your home is insured properly. In some cases, the company might have stopped insuring homes after bad weather and earthquakes but kept sending out bills for people who paid on time every month but didn’t realize their property wasn’t covered anymore. A homeowner’s insurance claim attorney in Louisiana can help homeowners determine whether they are at risk for coverage.

2) You have had a severe storm such as Hurricane Harvey and would like to find out if your damages qualify for coverage from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). If you live in a flood zone designated by FEMA and you’re worried about flooding, then it’s worth checking with a homeowners insurance claim attorney in Louisiana before rushing into buying any kind of flood protection plan. The NFIP can provide assistance with mortgages for homes that have been destroyed or rendered uninhabitable because of floods; however, there are many requirements to meet before qualifying for NFIP assistance.

How an experienced lawyer can help you

The aftermath of a disaster can be frightening and unsettling. Your first instinct may be to clean up as much as you can on your own. However, it is important to remember that you may not have the full understanding of what legal rights you do or don’t have. In the event that there is property damage or financial loss caused by water, fire, windstorm, flood, vandalism or theft; hiring an experienced lawyer who understands your insurance policy and has the skill set to help maximize your recovery may prove invaluable. This type of attorney will evaluate your insurance policy’s coverage and take into account any contractual obligations to ensure that you receive full reimbursement and compensation under the law. They will also handle all the paperwork involved with filing a claim and keeping track of communications with your insurer. So if you’ve had to make any temporary repairs or lost time at work due to a natural disaster like Hurricane Harvey, consider these four steps before making any decision about whether or not to hire an attorney: 1) Document all costs incurred so far 2) Calculate how much money you’ll need 3) Figure out how long this process might take 4) Consider the emotional toll such a process might entail.

What lawyers cost and how they get paid

The process of filing and winning a homeowner’s insurance claim can be complicated, but that doesn’t mean you should represent yourself. Filing on your own can actually lead to larger payouts than if you get an attorney to help. Most importantly, you need to choose the right lawyer. How do you know who’s the best? Ask them about their prior experience with homeowner’s insurance claims and see if they have won cases like yours before. Having someone on your side who has won the same case could be the difference between settling for less than what you deserve and getting what’s rightfully yours. Remember, don’t settle for less than you deserve – hire a homeowners insurance claim attorney in Louisiana today!

Homeowner’s insurance policies are not cheap, so it only makes sense that you want every penny when making a claim. These policies were designed to protect people from financial ruin due to something out of their control (like an accident), so it’s only fair that you receive your full payout. That’s why it’s worth it to hire a professional lawyers or law firm to fight for you when things go wrong. Attorneys typically charge by the hour and make money by taking a percentage of what they win in settlements or court rulings on top of charging per hour worked.

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