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Drawing For Kids is a fantastic project for youngsters because they can be put on refrigerators or notebooks. I’ve already created several tutorials for sketching cute animals, such as this kawaii dog lesson and this kawaii cat lesson.

In this lesson, I’ll show you how to draw a charming dinosaur step by step so that you can create a cute dinosaur drawing! You may find more of my kawaii tutorials here. Drawing For Kids stages are simple to grasp whether you’re a child or an adult learning to draw. Let’s get this celebration going! I’ll even teach you how to paint the dinosaur, but you can use any colors you choose!

Dinosaur Drawing

If you have a dinosaur-obsessed child, they will appreciate how to draw a dinosaur guide, which contains straightforward step-by-step directions for quickly sketching a t-rex-like dinosaur.

We have yet to meet a child who does not enjoy or is not fascinated by dinosaurs at some point in their lives. Talking about dinosaurs is entertaining, but painting a dinosaur is even more so!

You will require the following items:

  • Paper with a pencil or a black marker (optional) in our sketching manual (downloadable).


  • Begin by sketching the head. Begin at the right end and cut an “egg-like” shape instead of a whole egg.
  • It doesn’t have to be the same; it might be boxier, rounder, or oval and still, look beautiful.


  • Let us now turn our attention to the face. Make an eye with an arched top (like an eyebrow). Make a line for the mouth and nostrils over the line.


  • Draw sharp fangs beneath the mouth to complete the face.
  • The neck comes next. Continue the right-hand line and draw a curved line on the left that resembles a circular bracket.


  • It’s hard to draw a dinosaur, especially a T-rex, without beautiful hands. Make a fist. Then, for the back, draw a line.


  • The back leg will be up next.


  • To complete the design, draw a curved line for the belly and the tail.
  • Because you already know how to draw a pair of legs, draw them in the background.


  • Draw lines from the head to the tip of the tail that follow the belly line.


  • Decorate! To add texture to your dinosaur, draw lines on the belly and strips or patches on the back.


  • Congratulations! You figured out how to sketch a dinosaur! All that is left is to color your drawing (and draw more).

Dinosaur Characteristics for Children

While painting dinosaurs for youngsters, it will be interesting to mention some dinosaur facts. Children who have never seen or heard of dinosaurs will appreciate learning how to draw a dinosaur for kids during this instructive session with you. Drawing For Kids’ dinosaur knowledge will be restricted to those featured in Jurassic World films. So it’s time to broaden their views and introduce them to a world where dinosaurs thrived, just as we do in our comfortable city lives today. Here are some dinosaur highlights and unique characteristics.

Dinosaurs emerged on Earth millions of years ago and stayed for almost 165 million years. Their age was known as the Age of Dinosaurs, and numerous dinosaur species existed at the time.

Almost 700 dinosaur species have been discovered as being distinct from one another. We discovered carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs that were enormous or little lived on the ground or in the air and were carnivores or herbivores.

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