“The central question of 2025 will be: What are people for in a world that does not need their labor, and where only a minority are needed to guide the bot-based economy?”

Stowe Boyd

Are you on the same page with the renowned AI Lead Researcher at Gigaom Research, Mr. Stowe Boyd? Artificial Intelligence is no doubt the most popular job role of the future.  A diversified range of AI jobs is going to volcanize the global landscape, in the way we envision corporate as well as the world economy at large. As the demand for talented AI engineers more than doubled in the last few years, there is a gazillion opportunity for professionals who want to work on the cutting edge of AI research and development.

A recent report by the Mckinsey Global Institute suggests that around one-third of the American workforce will need to switch occupations by the year 2030. Employees working in data-centric industries are especially under-the-sun, including financial and administrative professionals, legal support staff, sales, and IT professionals.

Looking at the massive growth this industry proposes in the future, it is quite evident that for gaining that cutting-edge expertise, one needs to work that extra mile to get their hands on the best AI skills. This is quite possible by enrolling oneself with the best AI engineer certifications around the world.

Automation is the clear stake most industry professionals are keen on investing. Making the deal easier and quicker, USAII brings to you a whopping half a million US Dollars in Scholarships for its AI Engineer course for FREE. Yes! You heard it right. It is your time to grab the much-awaited opportunity to make your dream career in AI a reality and that too fully paid.

Your dream of reaping a 100% scholarship on world-renowned AI certification is fulfilled by USAII– the United States Artificial Intelligence Institute. They are the world pioneers in AI credential providers with a long-standing reputation and a success rate to envy. The AI enthusiasts that certify with them are placed highly in giant corporate groups across the globe. Their AI certification programs are recognized worldwide in over 160 countries and a participant can take the exam from anywhere around the world. Isn’t that a perk in itself?

The International Scholarship Exam (ISE) 2023 is specially designed for the outrageous STEM-based students from universities or colleges that walk, dream, and breathe AI. This rare opportunity brings to you the most convenient pathway to earning a fully-paid Artificial Intelligence Scholarship Program.

You must be thinking why ISE 2023? Simply because it is;

  • Industry-targeted
  • Amplifies Career Growth
  • Fosters high-impact
  • Offers a massive return on investment


  1. REGISTER for the International Scholarship Exam (ISE) 2023 on the USAII™ website
  2. PAY a nominal fee
  3. SCORE ABOVE 95 PERCENTILES in your region
  4. WIN 100% Scholarship for the program (no hidden charges)

The perks do not end here! There is more to follow …

Successful attainment of the ISE scholarship would entail a heightened career graph with the world’s most sought-after certification for AI engineers. The certification program encompasses a curriculum that is vetted by over 15 SMEs and industry experts from around the world, with HD video content and an eLearning study kit on offer. You will be assisted by ‘Anytime Anywhere’ Mentorship Sessions by AI experts on the platform, streaming direct first-hand industry insights for your reference. Earn the most coveted globally recognized shareable Digital Badge for a lifetime as you run clear of the prestigious AI engineer certification. This is the stepping stone toward making it big in the years to follow, standing tall amongst 97 million AI job prospects in 2025. You would not mind earning a spot in there?

So, why not begin right now with USAII™ International Scholarship Exam?

Book your slot today!

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