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An electric blanket is built more like a quilt than a blanket. Heat coils are woven between two blankets or pieces of cloth stitched together to form a quilt. Heated blankets or electric blankets full size are now considerably less likely to cause a fire since they have been upgraded with stronger temperature controls and shut-off mechanisms throughout time.

Why is it ideal to use an electric blanket this winter?

Nothing is more inviting on a cold winter night than a cozy, warm bedroom. Try an electric blanket instead of your regular blanket this winter. They are safe and can save you money.

Electric blankets spread heat through wires built into them and use less electricity than any other room heater. Electric blankets full size variants are affordable and only need to be turned on once for about 10 to 20 minutes before being turned off. The bed sheet will trap warm air, keeping you warm throughout the night.

Numerous electric blankets are equipped with timers that shut off the power after a predetermined period. But we don’t think you should use an electric blanket for the whole night, even if it has a timer.

The ways an Electric Blanket can be safely used:

If you have an electric blanket and enjoy getting into a warm, cozy bed because of it, here are some tips to keep things safe.

  • Switch off your blanket at night: Leave your blanket on for a short period or overnight. Use a timer or turn it off before going to bed (a few blankets have it in-built).
  • It’s ideal for an average bed: Since these blankets must remain smooth and flat, the best place to use them is on a regular bed. Don’t use the blanket on waterbeds or bed frames that can be moved. This will make it more likely that the blanket will get damaged.
  • Put it as the Top Layer: Do not add additional blankets or quilts to an electric blanket, and do not lie down or sit on it. Electric blankets are meant to be the top layer. When underneath, they can get too hot and cause problems.
  • When using the blanket, lay it flat: An electric blanket is made to lay flat. So, the heat coils stay together. If you wrap and tuck them into cracks, the coils could get damaged.
  • Keep pets away: Pets can accidentally damage the blanket or coils when they scratch, roll, or wiggle. With heated blankets, you can keep pets off of beds.
  • The Blanket should be safely stored: Unplug your electric blanket and let it cool down when you’re done using it. Then, fold it lightly, so you don’t break the wires inside. Put somewhere that kids and pets can’t get to.
  • Follow the directions given by the manufacturer: Your blanket will probably come with safety warnings and instructions from the manufacturer, such as how to wash and take care of it. Follow these tips to keep your blanket in good shape and safe.

What should be considered when shopping for an electric blanket?

Ensure the blanket has a sensor that turns off the power if it gets too hot. This will keep accidents from happening.

It should also be able to withstand shocks and keep out water. Fitted electric blankets are easier to use than ones with strings to tie them together. Choose the one with the best ratings for how well it uses energy.

A few more extra features:

  • Timer: Some electric blankets have a timer that lets you choose when the blanket turns off. This is great if you go to bed cold but wake up hot in the middle of the night.
  • Temperature controls: Some blankets only have a few basic heat settings. You can choose between being cool or “Sweating Your Ass Off,” which scientists call being too hot. You have much more freedom with a blanket with more than 3 settings or that lets you set the temperature in degrees. And if you’re going to share your electric blanket with someone, look for one with two sets of controls so you can make it your own.
  • Lightning Controls: Waking up and fumbling with your blanket’s controls can be annoying. A blanket with controls that light up at night makes making changes at midnight much easier.
  • Some electric blankets have built-in pockets for your feet and extra heating for your hands and feet. If your feet get cold more than anything else, look for a blanket that says it will keep them warm.
  • Machine washable: A lot goes on with electric blankets. As you go about your surprisingly dirty life, nacho cheese drips, pet hair, and everything else gets on them. Look for a blanket whose cover can be taken off so you can wash it from time to time. 
  • Weighted: If a weighted blanket makes you feel better, combine it with heat that can save your life for even more comfort. 
  • Mobile app: Now that it’s 2022, there are, of course, smart electric blankets that you can connect to an app on your phone. There are many good things about these: You have more control over your experience and don’t have to deal with a big plastic control pod. You don’t have to have a smart blanket, but you can control your blanket from your phone.

Final thoughts:

Electric blankets are one of those simple inventions that can make a big difference in your life, whether you’re always cold or live in a house with bad insulation. Choose wisely, and you can stay warm and look good all winter.

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