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Aren’t birthdays the most awaited time of the year? From ordering the moist, fudgy three-tier cake to color coordinating the entire setup zipline adventure park in dubai, contacting the vendors, and sending out the invites, we don’t miss the slightest details. And for all the right reasons, we shouldn’t, after all, it’s our big day and truly deserves attention! No matter how old one gets, everyone has a child inside that wants to come out and live the moment. And birthdays are a perfect time for that.

Having said that, there are some inspirations and arrangements from zipline adventure in dubai to urban lifestyle to an adventurous one that can take you back to your childhood as you plan your birthday.

  1. Go Camping

Some adventurous souls would want to set their birthday around nature. This can include activities like mountaineering, hiking, going for a walk, or simply choosing to stay at nature camps in Dubai. All of these activities allow you to connect to nature, and ease your mental pressures.

Camping allows you to experience the amazing and mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets, from the first beacon of light to the last ones. The skies have an interplay of colors that can surely be a sight for the sore eyes. Celebrating your birthday at a camp, lets you come closer to nature and the ecosystem. One can also make new pet friends during their stay and explore the hidden life amidst the greenery.

  1. Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloon sounds really romantic and fun-filled activity, with a touch of an old-fashion ride. One can fly over the stunning deserts and capture some amazing shots from above. To add more fun to this experience, one should take the early morning ride, something that will catch the attention of all the early birds out there.

Taking the Hot Air Balloon ride means seeing the sunrise and the first beacon of light that falls on the horizon, a truly mesmerizing sight. This experience will fulfill the thrill, satisfy the adrenaline levels and add value to the money paid zipline adventure park in dubai. Most importantly, this will help you with some amazing memories to cherish for a lifetime.

The number of weeks in a year is not as easy to remember as you might think. It can be difficult to find the answer when you’re sharing a conversation with someone who asks how many weeks in a year. Check out this article for a breakdown of the year’s days, weeks, and months, along with their corresponding names.

  1. Karaoke Time

Do you drool over the singing and dancing moments? Then surely, Karaoke Birthday is the one for you, where you and your folks can sing and dance throughout the day. Adding some glitters, glamour, and décor will add to a fun-filled night.

One can either go for a private party and book rooms for the chosen guests or choose to go public. This means that you can do it on a poolside, beach, rooftop, or zipline adventure park in dubai anywhere you like. Some parties even include tambourines to get the party started. To complement the event, cocktails, food, and juices can accompany the event and keep the energy high.

  1. Yacht Rides

Dubai, an upscale locality overlooking the sparkling waters, provides numerous coastal activities that will add fun to the birthday party. Out of them, hiring a yacht will add thrill to the birthday.

Experiencing a yacht ride with your favorite friends will add life to the event. This is a viable option if you have your birthdays in the scorching summer heat. Celebrating it on a yacht will bring you closer to the fresh waters and relax through the day. Adding music and food will augment the experience.

  1. Dinner in The Sky

Dinner is amongst the most important part of the birthday party. While some want to place special focus on the activities involved, others want to make dinner, the highlight of the birthday party. For them, choosing Dinner in the Sky is a viable option. 50 meters high in the sky, this dinner will give you the most unusual and remarkable experience in the world.

Choosing such a different experience will not only give your birthday an augmented feel but also check out some aspects of your bucket list. Isn’t it great?

  1. Visiting a Theme Park

Dubai is literally filled with so many adventure parks, that it can be a thoughtful task to pick any one of them. To top that search, theme parks are literally filled with so many categories to choose from. Water Parks, Aquariums, Miracle Garden, Lost Chambers, Ski Dubai, and Global Village are some of the very famous ones. Each park has its own essence and unique attraction.

Choosing one of these destinations can definitely add some real thrill and fun to your birthday party while exploring something new too.

  1. Never Ending Fun for All Ages

We have clearly realized how many options Dubai offers to people with all sorts of interests. But there is more to it, as it is able to encapsulate all age groups, and provides a rich experience to all. This is especially helpful if guests are bringing their children along. By opting for a birthday party in Dubai, one can make a package that gives a combination for the adults and children to enjoy together. While the adults are enjoying themselves, children can have their set of activities too. For instance:

  • Defy Gravity

While it’s not safe for the children to ski dive from a high level, they can enjoy the experience at artificial defy gravity places. They give a totally exhilarating experience from a height of 4-5 meters and give a feeling just like flying in the natural skies.

  • Skiing

Skiing at the original ice areas is not possible in the scorching summer heat. However, indoor skiing allows the children to skate through the ice safely and play around. That too, in the summer season. It can definitely be a ‘cool’ choice for a birthday party.

  • Gaming making videos 

Kids of the world today are totally hooked to all sorts of gaming. Getting tickets for the children will let them explore awesome rides, wall climbing, virtual reality, arcades, and even laser quest. These outdoor team building activities will definitely bring a smile to the child’s face as they enjoy the adrenaline-filled activities.

The Takeaway

Birthday parties are a fun-filled time and everyone wants to enjoy, whether as a host or a guest. Incorporating the above activities not only adds fun but also adds memories down your memory lane.

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