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The blog is a website that gets updated daily very often. It can be written in both formal and informal styles. Blog writing aims to captivate the reader’s attention and generate online income. People normally start blog writing to promote and market their business. Individuals and companies are making their own blogs. Blog writing is a kind of passive income by which businesses are doubling their revenue.

If you think you are creative enough and want to start a blog then stop thinking anymore and start immediately. There is no requirement for prior experience. Moreover, individuals and companies are also using Wikipedia for blog creation. There are so many Wikipedia writers for hire if anyone wants to create a blog on it.

Anyone can start a blog and generate revenue if he has good writing skills. All he needs is to follow the below-mentioned steps.

1.    Search for a creative idea

The selection of the topic matters the most. It is going to regulate the future of your blog. You must select a creative idea for which you will be writing and generating revenue. For the selection of a creative idea, you need to analyze your interests. For instance, you can choose a topic that showcases any specific talent or expertise.

You can also pick a writing idea from your current career, and from the hobbies and passion you have. Moreover, you can also focus on those topics that are interesting and hot topics for other people. Precisely, what you need to do is to just jot down 5-15 ideas of your interest on the paper or type them in the word document. Then gather useful info about each of them. By doing this you will get the idea of which topic has the most material to write on and to which you can bring creativity.

2.    Select a perfect domain name

It is the most entertaining yet the trickiest step at the same time. As most of the time, the domain name you like to pick for your website is already taken by someone else. That is why it is the trickiest task to choose a unique and good domain name. You need to keep it simple and short, easy to articulate, and avoid numbers or hyphens.

Most importantly select from .com, .net, or .org. These are considered the relaxed ones and everyone is well aware of them. You can also use your own name as a domain name if you are creating a personal blog. It will be unique of course.

3.    Log in for hostinger

It is a web hosting provider server. You can consider it as a place where the website breathes. Hostinger is a perfect place to host your blog as it is trustworthy, popular, reliable, and affordable at the same time. Hostinger would work best for you if you are new to blog creation.

4.    Install a content management system

A website requires a content management system to stay managed. You can go for WordPress as it is customizable, controlling, and easy to use. If you are signing up with the hostinger then once you tell the type of website you require, it will offer you a few content management system options like WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, and a few others too. If you install WordPress on your host, then you will get so many interesting themes and plugins. Moreover, you can also create your own customized theme through it.

5.    Sign in to Google Analytics

After that, you need to create an account on Google Analytics to learn about your website. It is a website analytics tool. With the help of Google Analytics, you know about your website visitors, collect the demographic info of web visitors, and also can view which posts and pages are getting frequent visits.

6.    Monetization of blog

As you are creating a blog for the purpose of revenue generation so it is vital to know about the monetization methods. Either you can generate revenue by affiliate marketing, or you can utilize the blog as a place where you can search for the clients for your own business. Moreover, you can utilize info products, as well as consulting and freelancing for revenue generation. You need to search on your own about how to use all of the proposed methods for revenue generation, as this blog is just focusing on the general steps of blog creation.

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