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A surfacing option that has been recognized to withstand the test of time is laminate. Laminates are readily available, reasonably priced high-performance surfacing materials that are created by layers of kraft paper together at high pressures and temperatures. The collection of laminates at Merino is available in a variety of patterns and textures and offers features like abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, anti-bacterial protection, etc. 

We’ve compiled a short list of five extremely helpful Merino laminates you should be familiar with.
Read on.

1- Compact Laminates
Compact is a selection of small, high-pressure laminates made of kraft and ornamental paper. These laminates, which come in a variety of design configurations, sizes, and forms, can be employed in a wide range of application areas. Armour External Wall Cladding and Standard Compacts are examples of Merino compact laminates. They are extra durable, protect the property from harsh weather and don’t require any maintenance.

2- Chem+ Laminates
Merino Chem+ laminates offer great chemical resistance without sacrificing aesthetic appeal because they are made for highly reactive chemicals and severe solutions. These surfaces have a non-porous texture and are naturally antimicrobial. These countertop laminates can withstand a wide range of chemicals, including acids, alkalis, caustic salts, and other staining agents, while still preserving its aesthetic appeal. Sinks, counters, lab benches, work surfaces, pathogen labs, photography labs, nurse stations, cabinets, casework fronts, and wall panels can all be treated with it.

3- Fire Retardant Laminates
Transform your interiors without sacrificing safety. Merino FR+ Fire Retardant Laminates are Halogen Free and reduce the risk of harmful smoke. They have beautiful designs and colours, are strong and safe. The Warrington Fire, UK BS-476-approved laminates have a Class-I fire rating and are perfect for kitchens and other high-fire risk locations.

4- Unicolour Laminates
Merino Uni+ laminates’ collection mixes solid homogeneous colours with ornamental laminate surface elements to provide laminates with a consistent appearance in terms of colour, shape, texture, and lines, producing the ideal smooth finish. Heat, stains, and moisture cannot penetrate the laminate. By etching and routing, fascinating manifestations can be made on the laminate’s surface. Pick the patterns that best fit you from the vast selection that is offered!

5- Digital Laminates
Merino offers a customized collection of digital laminates called ‘Imagino’. They allow you to build something that is truly unique in a world where everyone is trying to define their own individuality. They let your walls and furnishings reflect your personal style just like your clothing, bringing your fantasies to reality.

Merino Laminates provides a variety of resilient, high-performance laminates. They are appropriate for a variety of home and commercial needs, striking the ideal mix between form and function to change your interior spaces.

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