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A report suggested that almost six million people in the United States faced a car accident. Although most cases are about damaging vehicles and other kinds of property damage. However, in almost 33% of that cases, there is an injury to anyone. Moreover, 20% of that people were heavily injured.

If you are a victim of one of those, you have to think of your future. It will protect yourself and your family from sudden accident effects. So, one should take personal accident insurance policies to keep yourself safe. In this case, a Personal Injury Lawyer will help you to get the best insurance.

Here we suggest you 10 things you should do after an accident occurs. Maybe it is with you or your closes one.


If you are in an accident, stop your car. Don’t try too much. Or fled way. The accident might be a minor accident and nobody is harmed seriously. You should stop your vehicle.

Safeguard the spot-

If you faced an accident due to a bad road, you should make an impermanent signal for preventing further accidents. You can torch up your vehicle’s headlight in the dark nighttime. Orr, you can signal with a piece of cloth or anything. Moreover, you should always keep a flashlight during the time of driving.

Call Police Station-

If there is a fatal accident and more people are injured heavily, first call the police. Even if the scene is not like that and there are some minor injuries, also you need to call the police.

Moreover, if you have car insurance, the police report will help you to get a claim for the damage easily. In fact, you should leave the car in that position, when the accident happen.

Give proper description-

After the police arrived at the crime scene, gave all the information properly. If you did not know anything, tell them you are not sure. Don’t try to mislead and guess any of the information.

If you are injured, tell them that and go to the hospital. However, if you are not injured at that time tell the officer you did not know exactly. Because many times you will feel pain after a few hours of an accident. Also, make sure everybody involving in the accident gives the officer an accurate statement.

Click the photo of every scene of an accident-

You can click photos on your mobile phone on the accidental scene. But you can not interfere with the police by clicking the photo. You should have done this before the police came or after the police went. Moreover, if you have external injuries, click the photo of that too.

Exchange Information-

In the accident place, there will be other people, you should have asked them what is happening. And exchange information about the accident.

Contact Attorney-

The most important thing to do after an accident is to contact your attorney. Tell them the whole truth. Many times, the insurance companies tried to mislead the evidence and negotiate with less amount. Your attorney general will help you to get the highest amount of money from the case.

Keep The File Carefully-

The file of this accident included the case number and contact details of the case handler and all other information. Therefore, the file is very important. You should keep it very carefully like new baby gifts.

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